5. prosince Mikulas :) :)

5. prosince 2014 v 17:41 | Terinka |  Mikuláš
Preji vam vsem krasneho Mikulase. :)
Moc pekne si ho uzijte, at uz jdete
na nejakou besidku, nebo budete
mit nadilku doma, nebo budete sami nadelovat. :)

Do komentiku mi muzete napsat, jak
jste si dnesni Mikulasskou nadilku
uzili a co pekneho jste dostali. :)

Take bude hezky Mikulassky program
v televizi, ja mam kazdy rok rada
pohadky a basnicky od Josefa Lady.

Ja dnes byla ve meste, fotila
a take mam pripravenou nadilku.
Pak vam zase nejake fotecky ukazu.

Mejte se hezky a nezapomente vsechny sladkosti
sporadat uz dneska. :D :)



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Enter your country, region, and city. The answers to these questions and more are probably not what you think. There was always chemistry between us and this time was no different.  
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He had made some decisions about how he wanted his death to be. The Backhand Roller Chart illustrates the technique for throwing a backhand roller. Let me tell you something: My book is not just about dating it s also about keeping a man s wife happy.  
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Erase Stretch Marks From Pregnancy. Then we started falling apart, also my big mistake was i had a software by which i used to track her whenever she used to ignore me. They could make all those sweet and romantic gestures, compliment you, shower you with attention and affection.  
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She says she still loves me and says that she misses me sometimes, what do I do? I ll never know and she ll never admit it, but going off her past that she doesnt change she likely had male friends that she ll use to sleep with. Women don t judge as harshily as men do them.  
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Poorer men prefer larger boobs. Less, is definitely more, when it comes to flashing a bit of bare skin. Here are a few reasons that your mind will give you (and you will try to give to your friends and family), which are not really a good reason for reconciliation.  
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She told me she was feeling very sick. When we used to meet, he used to give a longer eye contact till I used to be close enough for him to say hi. One theory explaining this is discussed in why men marry some women and not others by John T Molloy.  
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